Team Project


Bring us together

Painting Party


Lets get Creative


Collaborate on a custom work of art for the office wall while juicing your team’s creativity in the process.

Protected Space

We use an dropsheets for your floors, aprons for the participants and plastic for your tables so there's no worry about causing a mess.

We come. We paint. We leave no trace.

Artists have always used photography and all the tools at their disposal to create great work- your team should too!


Work Together

Every member of the group is important – their piece fits into the bigger picture (literally!).

As Part of a Team

Your group will foster trust, strengthen communication skills, and inspire each other creatively. This attitude transfers back to your workplace the effects of which are felt for weeks after while the installed work lasts forever.



Get creative with everyone's first love; colour!
Participants jump right into painting because we’ve already outlined "traced" the original image onto the canvas; like a page from a massive colouring book.

Cheat a little

If the finished work doesn't quite fit in to the office decor - no problem. As a special add-on you can leave the canvases with us and one of our artists-in-residence will touch it up until you're satisfied.



Paint wherever you want. On-site at our studio or off-site at a location of your choice we provide all the materials necessary for a fun and social experience.

Coming to You

We provide brushes, canvases, unlimited paint, and inspiration. If you get stuck, don’t worry! Our experienced instructors guide you through the process until you are happy with the finished product.



Monday – Friday 9am – 10pm

Saturday 9am – 10pm

Sunday 9am – 10pm


Address 263 Adelaide St West #308

Phone 647-479-1299