Surprise Wedding Proposal!

She Said YES!

This was the day that John had been planning for. Because our groom-to-be wanted something BIG to remember this great moment, something that would bring together his closest family and friends; he choose our team bonding activity. One image is subdivided. Each canvas is painted over then included later when all the pieces are placed together.
In this case, two groups ( different sides of the future family ) were invited to a rented location where a secret room had been set up for half of the pieces to be painted. The bride-to-be, not knowing her boyfriend’s family was present and thinking it was part of a different friend’s birthday- painted her piece never realizing that she was contributing to a collage of memories for the wall, including the one she was making right now!
When the canvases were all put together and the family united our future groom went down on one knee and proposes.
And the rest, they say, is written in the headline: She said yes!