Paint By Shape Package

Paint By Shape Package

Each box comes with all the pieces for your mural, individually packaged with art supplies and protective coverings.

Supply list includes:

  1. Laser etched and toned 16×20″ canvas stretched on wood supports and wired for easy hanging
  2. Colour handout of the specific piece of the puzzle in case people get lost or are pressed for time
  3. Two large brushes ( 1″+ )
  4. A small brushes
  5. Doubling the amount of paint with 5x30ml bottles
  6. plastic sheeting to protect table
  7. paper towel for cleaning brushes
  8. disposable apron

NOTE: Not included is a cup for cleaning the brushes of the water-soluble paint

Laser Etching options


  1. Working with an Art Factory artist we’ll craft your own custom mural and determine the complexity of the project ( pictured is a very challenging option but the included large brushes are specifically intended to block in bigger portions of colour which you’ll see in the simplified version ) which subsequently speeds up the production process.
  2. Once the final image has been approved the canvases are then given a dark tone and the image is laser etched onto each one. Because all the work is done in Toronto only three days prior warning is necessary before your project is ready.
  3. Although all the canvases are strung with wire in the back for easy office installation, an Art Factory rep can come by to install the work as an add-on service.

NOTE: Due to the size constraint of the laser there are a few empty inches at the top and bottom which the participant must fill in using the included colour handout.