Gallery of Painting Options

Choose one of the paintings done below and during the event you'll have the chance to closely examine it along with watching a second version being done by our artist, stepXstep along side you and your guests.

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  • Starry Night Tree

    Starry Night Tree

  • Sea Turtle

    Sea Turtle

  • starry night

    starry night

  • sandy beach

    sandy beach

  • Red Bridge

    Red Bridge

  • Yellow Peonies

    Yellow Peonies

  • Hot Palms

    Hot Palms

  • Night Birds

    Night Birds

  • Night Birds

    Big Moon


  • Moon Branches

    Moon Branches

  • Lilly Pads

    Lilly Pads

  • Van Gogh Irises

    Van Gogh Irises

  • Koi


  • Japanese Flowers

    Japanese Flowers

  • Cherry Blossoms 2

    Cherry Blossoms 1

  • Giraffes


  • Giraffe


  • Evening Rain

    Evening Rain


  • Cherry Blossoms 2

    Cherry Blossoms 2

  • Islands at Night

    Islands at Night

  • Central Park

    Central Park

  • Blossoms Blooming

    Blossoms Blooming

  • Best Friends

    Best Friends

  • Sandy Beach

    Sandy Beach

  • River Bend

    River Bend

  • Golden Palms

    Golden Palms

  • Night Smoke

    Night Smoke

  • Never Never Land

    Never Never Land

  • Lilac


  • Moon Cat

    Moon Cat

  • Jelly Fish

    Jelly Fish

  • Poppies


  • Magritte's Toronto

    Magritte’s Toronto

  • CN tower VanGo

    CN tower VanGo

  • Toronto Moon

    Toronto Moon

  • Toronto Island

    Toronto Island